Cook healthy Meals with Crock Pots

Easy to cook healthy meals with crock pots where you can put your ingredients into it in the morning, and dinner is ready when you get home from a long day at work. But, do meals lose nutrients during the long preparation process?

It’s a question that many are concerned with when cooking meat over a long period of time. Research indicates that since slow cookers are covered, the amount of nutrients aren’t lost during the course of this prolonged cooking method.

Cooking with a crock pot is much healthier than frying or simmering meat and certainly has an advantage of eating a nutritious meal at the end of the day versus picking up supper at a fast food drive-in.

You can definitely cook healthy meals in your slow cooker without fear of losing all of the nutrients. All methods of heating meat, such as frying, broiling, simmering, steaming and roasting cause some loss of nutrients, but the low heat being implemented in the crock pot preparation keeps nutrient loss at a minimum.

Wholesome, full-course meals prepared with a crock pot can simplify your life and give your family the nutrition they need. They can also help you save on your grocery bill by utilizing leftover vegetables and meat in delicious soups and stews.

Don’t use your slow cooker just for dinner. Warm cereal, such as oatmeal, can be prepared in the crock pot, cooked slowly and flavored with butter, honey and cinnamon to bring out even more flavor for a delicious breakfast.

Cooking for weight loss is much easier with a crock pot, too. There are countless vegan and vegetarian recipes available online for slow cookers and you can even prepare low-calorie desserts that the entire family will love.

Almost all vegetables, legumes or lean meat becomes highly edible and tasty when cooked slowly with spices and other flavorings. The sky’s the limit when using a crock pot to plan banquets for yourself, their own families or a group.

Various sizes and types of crock pots are now available. If you’re a single person, it’s sometimes difficult to cook for only one- especially with the great slow cookers of yesterday.

Now, there are mini versions that work perfectly for small families or singles. They are available in round or oval shapes and in many colors to match any kitchen decor you may have. They’re pretty enough to serve right from the pot, so you don’t have to use serving dishes.

Healthy greens, infused with different spices, become a main dish when prepared creatively in a slow cooker. Limited only by your imagination, you can eat much healthier when planning your meals around crock pot recipes.

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